Kingdom of Emarukistan by emarukk

Kingdom of Emarukistan by Emarukk

The Kingdom of Emarukistan by Emarukk is an adult world but all the material containing sexual themes and nudity is moved or will be moved behind log-in. Pages that are freely accessible for all audiences will contain fantasy-themed images.

Emarukistan is Evolving

We are updating our galleries to serve you better! The gallery engine I choose to use turned out to be buggy and impossible to use. No matter it had good references. Lessons learned…

The Kingdom of Emarukistan by emarukk is the source of oriental fantasy. The 9th-century fantasy world is inspired by oriental artists. The successful Kingdom is always under threat, and enemies are at the gate. So when Deviantart turned hostile platform, and the birthplace of the Kingdom was burning, we turned our eyes elsewhere. As a result, Emarukistan was established to Patreon and Subscribestar. 

Patreon is slowly growing hostile against erotic/pornographic fiction. Their TOS leaves all doors open to their moderators, and decisions can be arbitrary. However, King foresaw the direction from the beginning, and the 2020 site surfaced as a beacon and safe haven for my fantasy. 

The time has come for the introduction of the next level. Now it is possible to subscribe to Emarukistan for free and paid tiers. Emarukistan will be the place where Emarukistani art is in one place.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Emarukistan by emarukk!

The Kingdom of Emarukistan by emarukk is 9th Century oriental fantasy world. Emarukistan will take the visitor on the journey through the desert and steppes; which are broken by sharp mountains and deep gorges.  Caravans are connecting small kingdoms that are all around the broken land. 

The Kingdom of Emarukistan by emarukk is an adult world and visitors will discover erotic adventures on the way. Some will be happy with pleasure slave and silent corner in the caravanserai. Others will visit the harem of the rich merchant or even a person with a noble background.

Then there are always visitors who may find pleasure from the dungeon of the cruel Master or Mistress. Opportunities in the Kingdom of Emarukistan are endless. Or maybe you are here to join the band of Slavers known as Vahagnians? That is the underworld of the warlords and warriors who are outcasts of society.

Below you may discover the Kingdom of the Emarukistan by emarukk from different sources.  The Kingdom of Emarukistan is an adult world and those are not welcome to Deviantart.

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